Marianda Twydell


Artwork statement for Fabricated Narratives
Confession time -  I have great difficulty writing an artist statement and I am obsessed with indigo dye. I’m much better being in my studio reusing what I already have, or out and about walking on the beach or on the hills, noticing, drawing and thinking.

For this exhibition, I am exploring….what to do with a crab shell I find on the beach …..why looking at the reverse of a row of stitches is interesting…..what makes people happy….how I can express the weather in a mono-print……what happens if I add a bottle top….how can I translate a concept into a shape…..what I can do with a large stash of already used objects and textiles….how many different things can be indigo dyed……what can be used to make brushes….what then? 

What have I discovered? There’s a synergy in this way of working, and it makes me happy.

General Artist Statement

I describe myself as an artist because it is a way of life for me, always on my mind....noticing, questioning and creating.

I respond to the environment I find myself in by working with things I find or see in daily life, making additions and new combinations: this has evolved particularly as I travel from the place of my birth, New Zealand, to the place of many years of living, England.

Having worked with costly materials I now enjoy the freedom of working with items with less monetary value; ephemera from daily life, picked up from walking and from charity shops - which I refer to collectively as ‘Harrods’ for the richness and range of items which can be sourced from them.

I examine the materiality of these objects, consider the chances and choices that have led to them being as they now are, then form another part of their story by putting them through at least one process: indigo dying, adding stitch, wrapping, adding wire or combining with drawing.... My state of mind at this time is also part of the process, I aim to be fully present, mindful and respectful, living my creativity.

Creativity can make you laugh out loud and it can make you cry, big wet sobs.I have no choice but to live within it.


Marianda started artistic life as a stained and fused glass artist in the UK, with a City and Guilds qualification, successfully working to commission in private homes and with small companies. A large pair of glass panels for an acute mental health NHS unit, was the largest and most challenging commission, not only satisfying health, safety and fire regulations, but achieving an interesting design informed by people working and living in the unit.

As a founder member of a local Co-operative, the Eagle Gallery in Bedford England, she built experience of group shows leading to solo exhibitions. Also shared responsibility for management, finance and hanging exhibitions.

More recently transitioning to a life spent travelling between NZ and the UK, her emphasis has become more collaborative, establishing two studios and co-ordinating numerous local exhibitions. New techniques have also been added, most importantly drawing, bookmaking, working with stitch, textiles and indigo dying.


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Facebook: @marianda.artist

Email: Marianda Twydell

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