Helene Carpenter


Artwork statement for Fabricated Narratives
The function of a chair is to provide comfort and support. A chair, in its design, is also a document of history and of individual personality. From the handcrafted to the mass produced, different chairs represent different, and yet specific, memories to me. For the Fabricated Narratives exhibition program, I intend to explore the chairs that I have had in my life; the support structures for my memories. This will take the form of a collection of miniature chair sculptures (ceramic/textile/found objects), and a series of drawings bound together in a book format.

General Artist Statement

Focusing on materiality, I work predominantly within the boundary of painting and drawing. Since moving to New Zealand in 2012, my work has been a responive exploration to this new physical surrounding; the polar opposite to the city landscape of Singapore and London. Through research and physical exploration, I have been documenting the visual and emotive responses to these new surroundings in order to create a platform for a new series of works that will further explore the transitory, unsettling, yet exciting, nature of relocating across the world and this new location. A focused drawing practice is the foundation to my working process, both in a research capacity and as an explorative medium. Recent years have seen me move from working mostly on paper and canvas into a more sculptural practice through ceramics and textiles. I am currently exploring the boundary between the drawn, the transferred image, and the sculpture. Fundamentally I am inspired by my surroundings; be it the landscapes itself, the people who exist within it, and the history of ‘place’. 


Helene Carpenter attended the Wimbledon College of Art, graduating with Honours in 1992. Having taught as a Lecturer at the Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore, for 11 years, she currently works and teaches from her coastal studio on the Tawharanui Peninsula, just north of Auckland, New Zealand. A predominant focus of her working practice has been the development of creative thinking and professional practices with young individuals wishing to pursue a fine art career. This has taken an active form of exhibition and mentorship programs in the UK, Singapore and in Auckland. Her own work has, and continues to be, exhibited internationally and held in private collections across Australia, South East Asia, America and Europe. 


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