Di Halstead


Artwork statement for Fabricated Narratives
A skyscape like a landscape is a part of our everyday lives and is often talked about through weather or through the colours of a sunset/sunrise, I am interested in powerful compositions that fire our imaginations or hold our grief or give us hope not dissimilar to the reading one might unravel from the rorschach blot partly our thoughts and partly the image itself.

 Clouded not only holds our emotion, but speaks of the environmental narratives that we may or may not perceive. This is not just a storm in a teacup it suggests that this may be a fleeting story like the gossip on the tongue of an overzealous story teller but is in fact a more serious cry for the care of our planet. The teacup acts as an agent to frame the storm. Its agency is in its position as the vernacular, it claims its power of the everyday and holds the nature of the story like the ephemeral nature of a cloud – something that will dissipate – is this narrative still available to us!

Clouded is a series of images that is about our perceptions, views or take beclouded or not.

General Artist Statement

My art practice has centred on identity - cultural and personal and ecological issues. I sometimes uses the agency of objects to express this or the abstractness of clouds. I like to cross boundaries with other mediums, including screen-printing, textiles, painting and drawing.


Di is an artist and an educator and works at Auckland Art Gallery. She has a MFA from RMIT University, Melbourne and worked at Dunedin School of Art for 14 years as a Senior Lecturer. She coordinated Zero a touring exhibition including trans Tasman photographic artists from Australia and New Zealand, featuring artists like Anne Noble, Anne Ferran and Margaret Dawson. She has exhibited regularly in the Auckland Festival of Photography since 2011.  She has exhibited and sometimes coordinated, or curated the Auckland Festival Photography Matakana Images signature shows. She has an art award from Sweden and has articles published in Junctures an academic journal.


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